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 2017 IS HERE!!! The New Standard Cargo Wave Models Are In Stock NOW! The best of all Cargo Wave Capabilities are built inside on the 2017  boats. Weight has been eliminated to little as possible, the simple lightweight and durable Bumper Rail, The Hard Formed Hatch's weight is minimized, and the Tie Down Rails are still lighter & wide! Simple, lightweight, strength and durability is THE 2017 STANDARD! You cannot beat Cargo Wave...                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
                                   The Optimum Towable Accessory For Your PWC!!!
​- Lightweight 85lbs.
- More Cargo Room
- Easy Access       Lockable Hatch
- 28 Cu.Ft.
- Sleep-able
- Tie Down Bungees
- Black or Blue Logo
THE 2017 STANDARD OF EXCELLENCE IS HERE!!! The Optimum Towable PWC Accessory!
Introducing the newly designed and tested HDPE Solid Dual Rod HD Towing Arm for Cargo Wave LLC! Lighter and easier to use, yet provides flex and positioning of the Cargo Wave behind your PWC perfectly! A much better product development, poised to usher in more excitement to your PWC Recreation!