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 2016 IS HERE!!! The New Standard Cargo Wave Models Are In Stock NOW! The best of all Cargo Wave Capabilities are built inside and out on the 2016 boats. Weight has been eliminated to as little as possible, the simple lightweight and durable Bumper Rail continues from 2015. The Hard Formed Hatch's weight is minimized and the Tie Down Rails are still wide...again, you can easily sleep inside if needed (or planned) very comfortably, it's unbelievable! Simple, lightweight, strength and durability is THE 2016 STANDARD! You cannot beat Cargo Wave...The Optimum Towable Accessory For Your PWC!!!

New in 2015 was the Dual Canvas Hatch Cargo Wave with several updates! Choices of canvas color...Blue is standard. The Floor Assembly has been removed, a lighter simpler Bumper Rail is now used...the Tie Down Angles have been spread wider for holding your cooler and additional gear! Guess what....You Can Sleep In This One!!!!! This Dual Canvas Hatch Cargo Wave is now much lighter, due to these changes, it affords you the ability to haul much more gear...the weight with Cooler and Heavy Duty Trailer Arm included is 85 Lbs!!! ***(Due to  manufacturing labor involved, this model is not stocked but can certainly be built to order...please expect 4-5 weeks for delivery)
The 2015 Dual Canvas Hatch Cargo Waves are still available special ordered...
​- Lightweight 85lbs.
- More Cargo Room
- Easy Access       Lockable Hatch
- 28 Cu.Ft.
- Sleep-able
- Tie Down Bungees
- Black or Blue Logo
...Here is the Sweet 2014 Model!  Still one left!
- Custom Floor         Panel For Cooler       & Other Gear
- Custom Rope Inlaid
  Bumper Rail
- Solid Formed Hatch
  W/Cup Holders
- Lockable
- 110 lbs.
THE 2016 STANDARD of excellence is here!!! The Optimum Towable PWC Accessory!